fullsizeoutput_2fI’m Course Leader and Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Anglia Ruskin University. I work on topics in philosophical zoology, moral psychology, meta-philosophy, Ancient Philosophy and post-Kantian European Philosophy. I’ve been developing a naturalistic interpretation of Heidegger over the past few years and I’m currently working out the implications of this model for understanding our moral and intellectual powers. Connected to the former, I am interested in ‘duties to self’ and, particularly, the way deontology might be grounded on a reconfigured Bernard Williams-esque notion of practical necessity. Connected to the latter, I’m working on a notion of cognitive processing that lies somewhere between passive association and voluntary exercise-the kind of phenomenon captured in the idea of being “struck by a thought”. When I am not pondering these things, I’m thinking about plants, or the possibility of a theistic “argument from inspiration” — or when I’m next going bouldering. I’ve published in the International Journal of Philosophy Studies, the Continental Philosophy Review and the Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology. 

You can email me at: <tristan [dot] moyle [at] anglia [dot] ac [dot] uk>

My academic CV can be downloaded here